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Scenes from the Georgetown Garden Tour

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I recently attended the Georgetown Garden Tour in DC’s toniest neighborhood to find out how the other half gardens spends money on their yards, and naturally I have some comments about all that.

Let’s start with the estate above, which was built as a home for the son of the Cafritz family next door. My tour-going companion told me this large gravel drive-up space is all the rage in England. I like the combination of modern art and traditional home style.

But notice that the evil English ivy is covering the  facade! And it’s high enough to have matured and will set berries, sure to be pooped all over town by birds.

But their container plantings are sure lovely!

Above and below, the back of the same home, with pool, turf stairs and more gorgeous planters.

In smaller gardens on the tour, we found lots more pools.

Above, this traditional scene reminded me of my mother’s garden in Virginia, only grander. The photinia blooming in this shot is the largest I’d ever seen.

Anchoring the end of a long narrow brick-and-box garden is this unusual combination of pine and banana.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this magnolia planted about 3 inches from a house and then carefully espaliered over I wonder how many years. Crime against horticulture or horticulture at its best? I’ll have to ask Billy Goodnick.

Finally, a couple of details I loved – a magnolia blossom wreath and some fire engine plaques. Also called fire marks, they indicate which fire-insurance company would respond to fires at which homes. These are just two in a larger collection mounted on a garage.  In Georgetown, even the alleys are photogenic.

And one more observation.  We saw lots of lovely places to sit outside but not a single screened-in porch! Poor rich people, having to fight the mosquitoes or stay indoors all summer.

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  1. That would have been quite the tour to see! I’ll leave it at that – but the only thing I have to say about the ivy is that the amount of spiders that would contain is phenomenal. I once lived in an old brick apartment building that had ivy all over it, and those bastards got into the apartment in hideous numbers. I was traumatized. No to ivy on building walls!

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